EC 1

I sketched and drew this piece of art which was inspired by the strong women we studied throughout the different modules of this class. I was inspired by the strength of women who fought and continue to fight through critical analysis, artistic success, and literary success never forgetting or ignoring their roots. I think that while it is easy to idolize these strong women for their thick skin, I also think that they must have faced hardship in their pursuit of equality and that in the face of a masculinity, women have to hide their emotions and vulnerability, even if it is warranted. And so, I was inspired by this vulnerable side to draw a strong woman who is contemplative and teary eyed of her struggle. That no matter how strong you are, it is okay to let go and be vulnerable as it is a part of being human. I think specifically back to the relevance to the final module on women in gaming which showed women fighting for their voice in a community that continually diminishes and threatens them in the most fearful ways. I think that there is strength in vulnerability and it is this guttural sorrow that pushes the struggle and the fight forward.